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Picture of Vol V Dances of Universal Peace CD

Vol V Dances of Universal Peace CD

This release from the Network for the Dances is a beautiful recording of 24 Dances, many new and a few ‘‘classic’’ favorites which have never before been recorded. A wide variety of instruments make this tape unique among the tape offerings. The booklet contains extended background on the sacred inspiration for each Dance. $8.00 PeaceWorks
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Contents: Gopala/ Spirit and Nature/ Om Krim Sri Ma/ Om Buddha Maitreya/ Thou, Holy Asha/Shabbat Shalom/ Haida, Haida/ Kyrie Eleison/ Surrexit Christus/ B’shemy/ Ruh Allah/ Peace Greeting/ Ungawa/ Shanoon/ Goddess Cycle/ Yemaya / Qalbee/ Dhikr Dance/ Bismillah Round/ Mohammed Abdullah Kalama/ Come, Come, Whoever You Are/ Send Us the Peace of Thy Divine Spirit/ Thy Light is in All Forms/ May All Beings Be Well

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