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Picture of Europe II Dances of Universal Peace CD

Europe II Dances of Universal Peace CD

From the familiar to the brand-new. Music, dance, hearts full of joy, peace and devotion. Celtic and African sources and a variety of others. Voices clear as bells; recording clarity – outstanding! $8.00 UK Network for the Dances
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Contents: Every Wave of the Sea/ Heenay Mah Tov/ From You I Receive/ Dreamtime/ Allah Huma/ Hey Nay Yahana/ Bawo Wethu/ Thanda/ Let My Heart Reflect/ Radhe Bolo/ Ya Hayyo, Ya Qayoom/ You Are My Mother/ Spirit I Love You/ Celtic Blessing/ I Am a Circle/ Ishq Allah Mahbud Li’llah/ Om Nama Shiva/ Woman as the Divine Messenger/ There Is So Much Magnificence

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