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Picture of Rhythms of Universal Peace Book/CD

Rhythms of Universal Peace Book/CD

Rhythm Patterns to Accompany the Dances of Universal Peace for Guitar and Other Instruments. Compiled and arranged by Anáhatá Iradah. $10.00
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Using 13 well-known Dances of Universal Peace, Anáhatá’s clear instructions guide the student through different rhythmic patterns of guitar strumming which can be used for each Dance, or portions of each Dance. The rhythms are notated in the booklet for visual learning and the guitar playing on the CD is crystal clear and easy to follow. The rhythms can be adapted for playing with two hands for drummers. This is a great learning tool for anyone who has had little professional music instruction (or instruction which was many years ago). It will quickly and easily improve their guitar playing to respond with greater flexibility to the atmosphere of different Dances. A 65 minute CD and 24 page spiral bound booklet ..... $10.00  Anáhatá Iradah

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