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Picture of Vol I  Dances of Universal Peace CD

Vol I Dances of Universal Peace CD

Originally recorded in 1975, with many songs performed by the Sufi Choir and composed by W.A. Mathieu. Revised 1987 to include a greater selection of early Dances. $8.00
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Contents: Introductory Bismillah/ As-salaam Aleikhum Greeting/ Alhamdulillah Round/ As-salaam Duet/ Divine Attribute Walks/ Wazifa Canon/ Allaho Akbar/ Ya Azim/ Ya Hayy, Ya Haqq/ ’Tis a Gift to be Simple/ Temple Round/ Dervish Bismillah/ Dervish Zikr/ Sat Nam/ Ram Nam Snake Dance/ Ram Nam Circles of Five/ Ram Nam Pranam/ Melodic Ram Nam/ Benediction Dance/ Universal Worship Dance/ Kwan Zeon Bosai/ Namo Amida Butsu/ Bismillah Ya Fattah Dance/ God of Beauty/ What Wondrous Love/ Subhan Allah/Ya Az’m Round/ Dervish Cycle/ Allah Unison Chant/ Ya Hayy, Ya Haqq Chant/ Hymn to the Prophet/ Ya Jamil/ Jesus is Our Sun/ Hebrew Sound Practice/ Ya-Hu-Weh/ Shalom Aleichem/ Kalama/ Free Allah

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