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Picture of  Vol II Dances of Universal Peace CD

Vol II Dances of Universal Peace CD

Recorded in 1981 with members of the Saturday Dance Class in San Francisco. Simple, powerful Dances – good for beginning leadership. $8.00
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Contents: Toward the One/ Shining, Undying/ Zoroastrian Elements/ Ashem Vohu/ Wah Guru/ Hare Rama Hare Krishna/ Om Namo Bhagavate/ Ram Nam Bhajan Square Dance/ Om Tara/ Heart Sutra/ We Circle Around/ Hey Ya Na Na/ Kuake Lano Lano Maote/ Amen/ Kyrie Eleison Healing/ Christian Hymn Medley/ Kyrie with Partners/ Shema Yisrael/ Kadosh Partners/ Ain Kelo Hay Nu/ Helveti Cycle/ Bismillah Alhamdulillah/ Iklas Sura/ Estaferallah/ Antal Hadi/ Healing Dance/ My House Shall Be a House of Prayer for All People
74 minute Compact Disc

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