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Picture of  Vol III Dances of Universal Peace CD

Vol III Dances of Universal Peace CD

Contains many exquisitely subtle and inspired Dances and chants. Recorded live 1982 to 1985. $8.00
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Contains Be Ye Songs of Glory/ Ram Nam for Peace/ Om Nama Shivaya/ Krishna Rama Raga/   Let Thy Wish/ Woman as Divine Messenger/ Humata Hukata/ Ev Du Hashem B’Simcha Yahuvah-Set Me as a Seal/ Boekala/ Baruch Kevod, Aramaic Lord’s Prayer (First Line)/  Wah Taho! Taho!/ Hu Allah Hu Line Dance/ Harmonic Kalama/ Maqbara Song/ Ihdinas Siratal Mustaqim/ Subhan Allah Raga/ I Am the Love/ Zikr Dance I/ Zikr Dance II/ Ya Jamil/ Hu Allah Hu

72 minute compact disc

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