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Picture of  Vol IV Dances of Universal Peace CD

Vol IV Dances of Universal Peace CD

A volume celebrating the richness of the world’s spiritual traditions as they seek to express the mystery of being alive in the cosmos. $8.00
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Contents: Universal Worship Dance (in the Kremlin)/Mir Miru Mir/ Om Sri Ram Snake Dance and Melodic Ishq Allah/ Georgian Sacred Music/ Russian Children’s Peace Song/ The Earth Is Our Mother/ Beauty Way / Invocation to White Buffao Woman/ Tat Tvam Asi/ O Peace, Deep and Divine/ Allah, Allah, Om Ram Ram Ram/ Ama Usum Gal Ana/ Seen, Unseen–The Goddess/ Shalom Benediction/ Heenay Heenay Mahtov Mahtov/ Kol Ha Neshama/ Shalom, Lai Lai Lai/ Ave Maria/ Kyrie Eleison, Christe Eleison/ My Lord Is a Rock/ I Woke Up This Morning with the Sun in My Heart/ Zikr in Five/ The Ocean Refuses No River/ Ya Basir, Wali Allah/ Allah Ya Jamil/ Unbroken Flows the Rhythm/ Those Who Love
67 minute compact disc

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